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Climate change: growing threat as Middle East simmers

While climate change is not the most pressing issue for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the climate risks are sig­nificant and will compound the current hazards caused or aggravated by the Israeli occupation. As confirmed by recent United … Continue reading

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Wildlife crime: a habit worse than drugs ?

Since reading Laurel Neme’s 2009 Animal Investigators: How the World’s First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Catching Poachers, Solving Crimes, and Saving Endangered Species and learning that there are 5000 Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents and just 200 Fish and Wildlife … Continue reading

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War reporter gets the bear facts (2)

For the grizzlies, the hunt, which is now opposed by almost 80 percent of British Columbia residents and only still championed by a hard-core who somehow have the ear of the provincial premier, is a matter of survival. For us … Continue reading

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M23 in Congo: bring in the Yellow Berets

The recent defection of troops to Bosco Ntaganda, for whom the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant, and their formation into the M23 rebel group has brought conflict back to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Hundreds … Continue reading

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War reporter gets the bear facts (1)

When I first moved to British Columbia nearly seven years ago, I thought my time spent dealing with men with guns was finally over. For more than a decade I had been reporting on wars, first in Croatia, Bosnia and … Continue reading

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Resource wars: what do they mean ?

Today’s debates about the ‘securitisation’ of resources and commodities are calibrated within the context of massive ‘criminalisation’ as opposed to conflict and war. By deciding what is legal and illegal in terms of trade, governments bestow upon themselves the power … Continue reading

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Wildlife and warriors: Afghanistan

The vast ‘army’ of personnel employed across the globe in humanitarian and relief operations provide a ready-made pool of potential buyers of wildlife and related products; the same applies to UN peacekeepers and military personnel. Given that the average age … Continue reading

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