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Royal resources

On December 16, 1780, two opposing groups of men carrying an assortment of wooden staves and heavily loaded flails met in thick woodland in southern England. Following the clash one man died and several others were badly injured and the … Continue reading

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Resources: conflicting reports

Understanding natural resources as a driver of economic development has gone through great change over the last three decades. Until the 1980’s economists generally saw an abundance of resources as an advantage but in the following decade new scholarship developed … Continue reading

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‘Gorillas and guerrillas’: an invitation

It is with great pleasure I am alerting you to a forthcoming talk by one of the great ‘unsung heroes’ of African conservation as part of the new Marjan-Marsh Award. Compared to some ‘big names’ in conservation John Kahekwa is … Continue reading

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Whales and writs

While it should not be forgotten how WikiLeaks shone a spotlight into a murky corner of the ‘whale wars’ between the Japanese whalers and the Sea Shepherd radical marine conservation organisation, there is also the strange coincidence that both organisations’ … Continue reading

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Bodoland foreboding

Last month (July) at the Royal Geographical Society’s International Conference in Edinburgh, Indian PhD student, Sonali Ghosh, delivered a short talk titled: ‘armed conflict and its impact on wildlife habitat – a case study from Manas Tiger Reserve and World … Continue reading

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Ill wind in Los Angeles

With New Orleans waiting in trepadation for Hurricane Isaac, in Los Angeles residents are preparing for the advent of the Santa Ana winds that blow throughout autumn and winter: they occur on the leeward slope of a mountain range and, … Continue reading

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Los Angeles: the simmering city

One of the niches carved out by journalist-academic, Gwynne Dyer, is to crystal-ball gaze into the security implications of climate change. Even if Dyer’s approach is considered a touch too populist for those firmly attuned to analytical rigour nevertheless his … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: cursed by REM ?

The highlighting of China’s strangle-hold on the world’s Rare Earth Materials (REM) in The Guardian ( please see: brings into focus the importance of Afghanistan and the potential for conflict over resources when ISAF forces leave. One eminent commentator … Continue reading

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