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Conflict minerals

Gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten, otherwise known as the 3TG minerals, have in recent years been classified as ‘conflict minerals’. Although experts are divided on what proportion of the total global consumption is sourced from the Democratic Republic of the … Continue reading

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Apocalypse then – and now

During the Vietnam War two million tons of American bombs were dropped on the tiny nation of Laos, more than the combined weight dropped on Japan and Germany during World War Two. The environmental impact was horrific, destroying forests, killing … Continue reading

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Understanding violence: part 1

Conventional analyses often compartmentalize armed violence into distinct categories according to a particular context or underlying intentions of the perpetrator. The two most common distinctions are drawn between organized (collective) and interpersonal (individual) violence; then between conflict (politically motivated) and … Continue reading

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‘Green’ crime: seminars

Concerns about an ever-expanding array of global environmental harms and their social and economic impacts have become central to contemporary popular and political discourse. ‘Green’ criminology, which began to emerge as an identifiable strand of criminology in the early 1990s … Continue reading

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Conserving the Peace

Media coverage of the M23 rebellion in eastern DR Congo has largely faded away in recent weeks, as is so often the case with Congo, but the Marjan Centre maintains its ongoing interest and focus on the region.  This time, … Continue reading

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Rhino wars: part 2

After Nelson Mandela became president one of his early instructions was to order Judge Mark Kumleben to investigate rumours that the South African Defence Force (SADF) had been heavily involved in poaching, whether it was during the heavily-armed incursions into … Continue reading

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Rhino wars: part 1

Twenty five years ago the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) was called on to execute a novel mission: to push back a surge in poaching that had reached critical levels. It was the severe drop in elephant numbers that had been … Continue reading

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Rethinking resource wars

The use of the phrase ‘resource wars’ covers an ever-widening list of categories that range from minerals and oil to rhino horn, timber and much more; anchored around this milieu are phrases like ‘natural security’ and ‘environmental security’. While this … Continue reading

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Libya links arms to traffickers

Recent research by the Small Arms Survey (1) in Libya shows four distinct types of non-state armed groups operating post-Gaddafi: revolutionary brigades, unregulated brigades, post-revolutionary brigades, and militias. More specifically the report, by Brian McQuinn of the Centre for Anthropology … Continue reading

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Climate change: security threats

Climate and environmental changes pose emerging and unique challenges to international security – as the global community experiences issues of food insecurity, severe droughts and floods – and have cascading impacts on energy supplies and infrastructure. Environmental hazards may shift … Continue reading

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