Climate change: security threats

Climate and environmental changes pose emerging and unique challenges to international security – as the global community experiences issues of food insecurity, severe droughts and floods – and have cascading impacts on energy supplies and infrastructure.

Environmental hazards may shift abruptly, posing new risks to vulnerable systems and critical nodes in ways that diverge from historical experience. Effective risk assessments and planning will require understanding of how climate change will affect natural disasters and disaster response, and how hazards may be more extreme or unique from past experiences.

In an article ‘Climate security, risk assessment and military planning’ published in the latest issue of International Affairs, Dr Chad Briggs, who is Minerva Chair of Energy and Environmental Security, Air University, US Air Force and an Associate of the Marjan Centre, discusses the role of climate change in affecting security planning from a military perspective, and how integration of scientific data and intelligence methods can foster assessment and effective response. Jasper Humphreys, The Marjan Centre

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