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Bronze and war

Earlier in history we had the ‘Bronze Age’; today in Britain we have the surprise of ‘Bronze’, an exhibition currently displaying at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. It has been a surprising success due in part to alerting … Continue reading

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Rattling the political timber

Last week in Britain there was an appreciable rise in the general anti-government temperature: for once it wasn’t linked to financial woes or scandals but instead the seat of the problem stemmed from two unlikely sources, the culling of badgers … Continue reading

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Guns and gnus

The use of force in the context of wildlife protection presents a unique strategic challenge in that one side of the conflict – wildlife – is defenceless against its human opponent, yet has to rely on the altruism of other … Continue reading

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Drug ‘wars’ and the environment:1

With talks due to start today (Wednesday) in Oslo between the Colombian government and leaders of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) insurgency it is worth reflecting on the wider damage caused to the environment by the ‘drug war’ … Continue reading

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Talks with the Marjan Centre

(All talks in the War Studies Seminar Room, 6th Floor, Strand Building, at 5.30pm unless stated otherwise: all free and open invitation) October 23: Environmental and energy security (EES): a US Air Force view of Asia-Pacific futures Speaker: Dr Chad … Continue reading

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War and Nature: 2

Assuming that animals in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura carry a comment about human action, one can undertake a symbolic reading of the passages in which they appear; in this way the interpretation of the poem can either be done literally … Continue reading

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War and Nature: 1

In Book Five of De Rerum Natura Lucretius * not only harshly criticizes war for its absurdity and cruelty but also the use of animals in warfare. In the passage of the ‘improbable wars’ (V: 1308-1349) Lucretius explores both the … Continue reading

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Environmental confrontations:2

The outlines of the struggle pitting the search for resources and commodities against environmentalists and inhabitants are being redrawn under the influence of three main commercial factors: • ‘new wave’: new consumer products and technology that bring demand for new … Continue reading

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Environmental confrontations:1

It is perfectly logical to assume that, given projected future increases in populations, the destruction of ecosystems and the absorption of land for agriculture and housing, with the ensuing social dislocation, the whole arena covered by biodiversity— including flora and … Continue reading

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Understanding violence: part 2

The 2011 Global Burden of Armed Violence report shows how the lines between armed conflict and criminal violence are increasingly blurred: for example, since 2003 in Iraq the targeting of non-combatants by insurgents, militias, and sectarian groups seemed random, yet … Continue reading

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