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Militarisation of nature

The first ‘new voice’ is Professor Derek Gregory; this highly distinguished geographer is re-writing our understanding of war and conflict by overlapping his knowledge of how the physical contours of the Earth meld with politics and the imagination. In a … Continue reading

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New voices

Every now and then this ‘blog’ will introduce a range of ‘other voices’ that will bring different perspectives on issues with which the Marjan Centre is involved; these perspectives will be wide-ranging, and selected for their perception and pertinence. Thank … Continue reading

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Clausewitz in winter (2)

While attached to the Russian army Clausewitz witnessed Napoleon’s fateful retreat from Moscow during the winter of 1812: even such a hardened campaigner as Clausewitz was moved by the sight of 30,000 French soldiers freezing to death and being speared … Continue reading

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Generals against ‘the bomb’

The protection of animals, both wild and domestic, was taken very seriously by the Nazis: in 1933 the Reichstag passed The Law of Animal Protection which banned vivisection and animal trapping, restricted hunting and even regulated the boiling of lobsters … Continue reading

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Otter man’s post-war vision

British writer, Henry Williamson (1895-1977) is known as the Otter Man, being the author of the best-seller Tarka the Otter: Tarka (meaning little water wanderer), had been rescued by Williamson after a farmer had shot its mother. The otter would … Continue reading

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Supplying answers in DRC

The Marjan Centre’s recent (December 2012) article “The Congo Connection” highlighted how issues of conflict, conservation and biodiversity interact. The Centre has also, inter alia, identified such interaction in Colombia whose vastly diverse biosphere has been adversely affected by the … Continue reading

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Thai-ed in knots

After a decade of violence, the capabilities of Malay-Muslim insurgents in Thailand’s ‘deep south’ are outpacing the counter-measures of successive governments in Bangkok that have been mired in complacency and protracted national-level political disputes. Given its location, this has serious … Continue reading

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Bukavu Boogie

From John Kahekwa, Director of the PolePole Foundation in Bukavu, eastern DR Congo, and a research partner of The Marjan Centre. How we celebrated on New Year’s Day ! And the reason? When the M23 militia was advancing from Goma … Continue reading

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Living along Amexica

National borders are often viewed as the ‘soft underbelly’ of state authorities struggling with security threats, both real and imagined, as the ambiguity of identity and control in border-lands sets up a tension between security and evasion. While the Afghanistan-Pakistan … Continue reading

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