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Thoughtful campaigning

Martin Stott writes: I don’t think it is reasonable to describe environmental campaigners as ‘passive aggressive’ (see post ‘ Deadly Price of Green Activism’). There is a long tradition of non-violent direct action based on Gandhian principles. However there is … Continue reading

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Searching for Sombath

Where is Laotian environmental activist, Sombath Somphone? The short answer is that nobody is telling; the longer answer lies in the phrase ‘environmental confrontations’ which gathers in the wide range of conflict that has some element of the environment at … Continue reading

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Deadly price of ‘green’ activisim

For environmental activists conflict is their very life-blood, though with it goes with the assumption that their work rarely goes further than passive-aggressive: how times change. Now it is the blood of the activists themselves that is being spilled. Global … Continue reading

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Climate justice

Early discussions of ‘climate justice’ have been dominated by economists rather than political philosophers but more recently analytical liberal political philosophers have joined the debate. That said the philosophical discussion of climate justice remains in its early stages. A paper … Continue reading

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Shape shifting in Flanders

The Battle of Messines on June 7, 1917, stands out for two reasons, one military and the other historical. Firstly it has been viewed as the most successful local operation of the war, certainly of the Western Front: meticulously planned, … Continue reading

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