Thoughtful campaigning

Martin Stott writes: I don’t think it is reasonable to describe environmental campaigners as ‘passive aggressive’ (see post ‘ Deadly Price of Green Activism’). There is a long tradition of non-violent direct action based on Gandhian principles.

However there is a rather longer and more sinister tradition of silencing activists than this blog suggests. Much of it is organised by corporations keen to protect their commercial interests, but plenty more is organised by elements of the state. Think of the French secret service blowing up of the Greenpeace boat in Auckland harbour in 1985 with the death of one of the crew. Plenty more where that came from.

Thoughtful, positive and imaginative resistance to environmental destruction can’t and shouldn’t be characterized as a desire for conflict. Conflict emanates from the state and its agents including corporations, seeking to protect their interests (as they see them) at all costs.
Martin Stott, long-time environmental activist, sustainability consultant and member of the Marjan Centre Advisory Board: see web-site:

Jasper Humphreys of the Marjan Centre adds by way of clarification that the words used in the post were: ‘their work rarely goes further than passive-aggressive’ which was meant to convey the point where the limit of physical threat was reached. My apologies if the point was misconstrued.

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