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‘War and the non-human sphere’

‘War and the non-human sphere’ is a course just launched by the Marjan Centre at the Department of War Studies, King’s College: it is a one term/semester mini-module within the MA programme, starting in January. The fact that this is … Continue reading

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From COIN to ‘soft power’

The increased militarization of the means and response to poaching in the recent past is contrasted by several grassroots initiatives worth examining. Indeed, technology previously hard to obtain is now accessible and making its way as a key tool from … Continue reading

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Terrorism and wildlife

Coming from one direction is the ‘Western Way of War’ and in the other an ‘arms race’: at the centre of both directions is the protection (and poaching) of wildlife. 2013 has seen a steady escalation in ‘hard power’ efforts … Continue reading

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Manas Park and Tiger Reserve

Conflicted Planet: Manas National Park and Tiger Reserve, Assam This is a unique chance to hear about one of the most fascinating but relatively unknown parks in the world, the ManasNational Park and Tiger Reserve in India’s north east. The … Continue reading

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Foreign Fields (2)

This year the ‘toxic trinity’ of modern times caught up with the Animals in War: these are the animals that were harnessed to assist with warfare, from the horses, donkeys, racing-pigeons and dogs of the past, right up to today’s … Continue reading

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Foreign Fields (1)

With the imminent ‘Poppy Day’ commemorations in Britain remembering the Armed Forces battle-deaths over the last century, come deeply woven images of ‘foreign fields’. While these ‘fields’ are the final resting-place of the dead or battlefields away from home, these … Continue reading

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