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Colombian shadows

This is the third and final mini-profile of people working in conservation in the shadow of Colombia’s recent turbulent past. Julia Gorricho has worked in environmental protection and biodiversity conservation in Colombia since 2004, beginning when she assisted with the … Continue reading

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Facing the FARC (2)

This is the second of three mini-profiles of inspired leadership to protect biodiversity during the brutal conflict in Colombia. Awá indigenous leader Jaime Caicedo Guanga was born and raised in the Pialapi-Pueblo Viejo indigenous territory in the south of Colombia. … Continue reading

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Facing the FARC (1)

With the Colombian government in lengthy talks with the FARC guerrilla group, among the horrors inflicted by the decades of fighting there have also been some examples of inspirational leadership to protect the environment. This is the first of three … Continue reading

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Poaching ‘militarisation’

The exponential militarization of the ivory trade is adding another dimension to what is already a major conservation matter. In a recent talk, “Insurgency, the Ivory Trade and Porous Borders”, Dr. Keith Somerville, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth … Continue reading

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Conservation’s ‘just war’

Militarism as an ideology that privileges military culture and values – including violence as an appropriate response to conflict – and that justifies the expansion of these values and culture into nominally civilian spheres. Militarization, on the other hand, is … Continue reading

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