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Climate (no) change

Climate change is happening, it’s worse than expected and we need to act quickly and rigorously if we want to avert disaster. That was the clear message of this week’s panel discussion on the links of climate change and development, … Continue reading

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Jesus and the ‘red alert’

When Tony Blair recently warned about extreme faith-based terrorism he probably didn’t have in mind an 83 year old American nun armed with a Bible and a strong sense of the obliteration of the Earth. In another twist of historical … Continue reading

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Shoot To Thrill

The mythology surrounding animals is a hard one to let go of. It is deeply ingrained in us from birth, and we revel in anthropomorphic fantasies. This is exhibited in film, photography, literature, our treatment of our pets, the way … Continue reading

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Peace and wildlife

Given that war and wildlife have been such constant companions it is surprising how little is known about the causal linkage between the two. However, these areas concern The Marjan Centre and for the present the phrase ‘conflict and conservation’ … Continue reading

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