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War and the environment

Environmental degradation resulting from warfare is a growing concern, particularly with increasing recognition of humanity’s dependence on healthy ecosystems. Though environmental legislation does exist that seeks to prevent or mitigate environmental harm before, during and after conflict, it has limited … Continue reading

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Militarised conservation

THE rapid rise in militarized approaches towards conservation, as part of a new ‘war for biodiversity’ is a defining moment in the international politics of conservation and needs further examination. The claims that rhinos and elephants are under threat from … Continue reading

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DRC: ‘green’ development

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is endowed with an abundance of natural resources, and the presence of high-value resources such as coltan and diamonds is well known. The country is also endowed with a wealth of biodiversity, although the … Continue reading

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‘Rhinofication’ of South Africa

The rhino-poaching crisis in South Africa poses a question about whether it should be tackled through judicial processes or by the application of more hard power methods? From the earliest ages, the poaching of wildlife has been met with a … Continue reading

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