Gorricho award

Violence, drugs and paramilitary rule: meeting the challenge of conservation amidst conflict in Colombia
The long-standing civil war in Colombia and inter-connected ‘drug wars’ make the protection of local biodiversity extremely dangerous work. Colombian conservationist, Julia Gorricho, has worked in this challenging environment for a number of years while developing various projects, including along Colombia’s Atlantic coast. Here Julia’s task required great courage because the Atlantic coast was emerging from decades of paramilitary control, oppression and violence: virtually all communities in the region had been deeply affected by paramilitary rule (often in collusion with members of the Colombian armed forces and regional political and economic elites) as well as large-scale illegal drugs and arms trafficking.

Julia will be giving a talk about her work at King’s College, London, when she will also be presented with the fourth Marjan-Marsh Award for exceptional conservation work in conflict areas; it is supported by the Marsh Christian Trust in conjunction with the Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict and Conservation within the Department of War Studies at King’s College.
Julia’s work made a significant contribution to the lives of the people in the Atlantic Coast region, and she was among the first group of Colombian environmental professionals to actually start addressing in practice the enormous challenges of biodiversity conservation in regions of the country that had been affected to the core by violence and trafficking.

Date: November 5, 2015, Thursday.
Venue: The Pyramid Room, King’s College.
Location: 4th floor. Main Strand campus.
Time: 6-8pm; free and open to the public.
– Main Strand campus is along the Strand, near Covent Garden.
– Arrive in Main Reception and continue down passage-way till you see lifts on the left.
– Go to 4th floor; after arrival turn left and up staircase.

For further questions/directions, please contact Jasper Humphreys: jasper.humphreys@kcl.ac.uk; mobile: 07811345390

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