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True price of Mexico’s maize

Since the beginning of the 20th century drug trafficking has been a part of the Mexican economy. Mexico has become the largest marijuana producer and the third opium supplier for the international market. US-led interventions in South American drug producing … Continue reading

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The nature of militarization (3/final)

Does militarisation within conservation work? Clausewitz’s famous dictum of war being an extension of politics by other means applies equally to the ‘militarization’ of counter-poaching. Firstly, the increasing privatisation of counter-poaching inevitably means there is a loosening of controls by … Continue reading

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The nature of ‘militarization’ (2)

‘Shoot-to-kill’ is part of a general criticism of ‘militarization’ in wildlife protection terms that the use of force is synonymous with coercion and violence, and also that ‘militarized’ counter-poaching can be prioritized to the detriment of community-based natural resource management … Continue reading

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The nature of ‘militarization’ (1)

There is a unique strategic conundrum at the heart of the protection of wildlife and the interdiction of illegal wildlife trafficking (IWT): to survive wildlife needs the altruistic engagement of humans to combat the actions of other human beings for … Continue reading

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