Jet-setting with the DoD

JP-8 or JP8 (‘Jet Propellant 8’) is a jet fuel specified and used widely by the US military, and is similar to commercial aviation’s Jet A-1 but with the addition of corrosion inhibitor and anti-icing additives. A kerosene-based fuel, JP-8 is projected to remain in use at least until 2025 and was first introduced at NATO bases in 1978.

More than 75% of the fuel used today by the Department of Defense (DoD) of the United States is used for the transporting and conveying of fuel prior to arrival at its final destination.

The DoD is the largest institutional consumer of energy worldwide, accounting for 80-90% of US government energy use; if  the DoD were compared to a country, it would rank 21st in GDP – between Switzerland and Sweden .

The DoD specifics are taken from ‘Ecologies of Power: Counter Mapping the Logistical Landscapes and Military Geographies of the U.S. Department of Defense, compiled and written by landscape architect and urbanist, Pierre Belanger, and doctoral student in Geography, Alexander Arroyo.

Publisher MIT Press writes: ‘through this perpetual cycle of build up and breakdown, the U.S. Department of Defense—the single largest developer, landowner, equipment contractor, and energy consumer in the world—has engineered a planetary assemblage of “operational environments” in which militarized, demilitarized, and non-militarized landscapes are increasingly inextricable’.

Blogger extraordinaire, Regine, comments at ‘We Make Money Nor Art’:

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