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Ukraine’s environmental conflict

The recent upsurge in violence in eastern Ukraine has focused attention on the serious risk that the fighting between Ukrainian government forces and separatists could trigger serious environmental and humanitarian consequences. Abstract from ‘The Toxic Remnants of War Project report: … Continue reading

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Soviet space dogs

Space exploration became a key aspect of Soviet propaganda, especially as space dogs were some of the first animals to survive space flight. The most famous examples are Laika, Belka and Strelka who have been immortalised in popular culture in … Continue reading

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Kenya’s ‘killing fields’

‘Denying sanctuary’ or ‘draining the swamp’ is classic counter-insurgency strategy, which in Kenya also involves wildlife conservation as part of the ‘hearts and minds’ strategy. The Kenyan security ‘sweeps’ involve not only an escalating back-drop of brutality against indigenous Kenyans … Continue reading

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Protection plots in Stalin’s day

Abstract from: ‘Everyday Environmentalism: The Practice, Politics, and Nature of Subsidiary Farming in Stalin’s Lithuania’. By Diana Mycinte Subsidiary farms in Soviet Lithuania during the years of intense collectivization and political repressions between 1948-1953 were a locus through which local … Continue reading

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