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Projecting ‘green force’

  Peter Denton, Adjunct Associate Professor of History at the Royal Military College of Canada, has recently been exploring the idea of ‘Green Force’, an argument that calls for the military to fully engage with creating a global sustainable future. … Continue reading

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Arctic poses new conflict questions

The recent news that the summer ice covering the Arctic Ocean was recorded as being the equal second lowest on record is a reminder that the planet is swiftly heading towards a largely ice-free Arctic in the warmer months. Most … Continue reading

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Katrina’s hard lessons

Anyone tuning into the United States National Weather Service on August 28, 2005, for an update on the Gulf Coast would have heard weatherman, Robert Ricks, provide an extraordinary forecast which he ended by emphatically stating: ‘Do Not Venture Outside’. … Continue reading

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Planning ahead

Disasters and climate risks can serve as positive spaces for partnership-building and advance agreements. If these activities are expanded to include larger risk assessment activities (beyond simply response), capabilities analyses can also be part of net assessment is evaluating what … Continue reading

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Dyer warnings of climate change

One of the niches carved out by journalist-academic, Gwynne Dyer, is to crystal-ball gaze into the future security implications of climate change. Even if Dyer’s approach is considered a touch too populist for those firmly attuned to analytical rigour nevertheless … Continue reading

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Fighting climate change (1)

Since the mid-2000’s, a wide range of reports and research articles have discussed the emergence of climate change as a security issue, including in 2010 the UK Ministry of Defence Green Paper and the US Department of Defense Quadrennia lDefense Review (QDR). … Continue reading

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Climate (no) change

Climate change is happening, it’s worse than expected and we need to act quickly and rigorously if we want to avert disaster. That was the clear message of this week’s panel discussion on the links of climate change and development, … Continue reading

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Climate change security: 2

Adapted from ‘The Conflict Potential of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation’ (Environmental Change & Security Program Report Vol. 14, Issue 2). Washington DC: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The risks and impacts of climate- change are difficult to envision … Continue reading

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Climate change security:1

(This is the Introduction to a new report ‘Backdraft: The Conflict Potential of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation’) Amid the growing number of reports warning that climate change could threaten national security, another potentially dangerous—but counter-intuitive—dimension has been largely ignored. Could … Continue reading

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Climate justice

Early discussions of ‘climate justice’ have been dominated by economists rather than political philosophers but more recently analytical liberal political philosophers have joined the debate. That said the philosophical discussion of climate justice remains in its early stages. A paper … Continue reading

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