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Birds make diplomatic moves

Ornithology is very rarely linked to international geo-politics, but conservation of the Red Crowned Cranes and Black-faced Spoonbills in the Korean peninsula, as well as the water-birds of the East Asian-Australian Flyway and the glorious avifauna of Colombia, have highlighted … Continue reading

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Colombia’s post-conflict ‘green’ audit

As Colombia stumbles to a post-war reconciliation, the focus turns to rebuilding the shattered environment as well as using environmental rebuilding as an ecological development, post-conflict rebuilding tool. Home to almost 10 percent of the planet’s biodiversity, Colombia is listed … Continue reading

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The nature of ‘militarization’ (1)

There is a unique strategic conundrum at the heart of the protection of wildlife and the interdiction of illegal wildlife trafficking (IWT): to survive wildlife needs the altruistic engagement of humans to combat the actions of other human beings for … Continue reading

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Gorricho award

Violence, drugs and paramilitary rule: meeting the challenge of conservation amidst conflict in Colombia The long-standing civil war in Colombia and inter-connected ‘drug wars’ make the protection of local biodiversity extremely dangerous work. Colombian conservationist, Julia Gorricho, has worked in … Continue reading

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A brave Colombian

While Colombia’s ‘peace process’ moves slowly forward, the damage caused by the decades of conflict to the country’s environment and ecology will take equally long to repair. During those years of conflict, not just involving the Leftist FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed … Continue reading

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Colombia’s herbicide conflict

In 2000, the United States and Colombian governments jointly launched intensive and expanded aerial spraying operations to destroy the coca and poppy crops used to make cocaine and heroin. These spraying operations form a key component of the multi-billion dollar … Continue reading

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Colombian shadows

This is the third and final mini-profile of people working in conservation in the shadow of Colombia’s recent turbulent past. Julia Gorricho has worked in environmental protection and biodiversity conservation in Colombia since 2004, beginning when she assisted with the … Continue reading

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Facing the FARC (2)

This is the second of three mini-profiles of inspired leadership to protect biodiversity during the brutal conflict in Colombia. Awá indigenous leader Jaime Caicedo Guanga was born and raised in the Pialapi-Pueblo Viejo indigenous territory in the south of Colombia. … Continue reading

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Facing the FARC (1)

With the Colombian government in lengthy talks with the FARC guerrilla group, among the horrors inflicted by the decades of fighting there have also been some examples of inspirational leadership to protect the environment. This is the first of three … Continue reading

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