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Strategic conservation: a thought

As the rapidly declining levels of biodiversity attest, conservation needs lots of new ideas – and fast – so any new approach such as ‘kaizen conservation’ is to be welcome. Cambridge university conservationist, Professor William Sutherland recent suggested that conservation … Continue reading

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Stalin’s ‘green’ gamble

The Soviets are often viewed as insatiable industrialists who saw nature as a force to be tamed and exploited. Song of the Forest counters this assumption, uncovering significant evidence of Soviet conservation efforts in forestry, particularly under Josef Stalin. In … Continue reading

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Razor-wire borders halt wildlife

The Balkan region, already threatened by the construction of highways and dams, is now being carved into increasingly constricted and less hospitable chunks by a new threat: border fencing. Those effects are now being felt by the region’s migratory wild … Continue reading

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‘Green-shoots’ of data: war and biodiversity (1)

Once there was war and there was peace – but not any longer. For the last decade celebrated Harvard professor, Steven Pinker, has gathered annual data on war and violence, extensively using the highly respected Uppsala Conflict Data Programme which … Continue reading

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Peter Kennard:’Unofficial War Artist’

For anyone involved in the peace movement, especially CND since the early 1980’s as I have been, Peter Kennard is a familiar name. And his photo-montage posters on all aspects of peace, war and conflict are even more familiar. Think … Continue reading

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Laws of the jungle (2)

Working in partnership with a transitional government can be tricky, while support for combating trafficking and arms proliferation is brittle. In what has been dubbed “the most neglected crisis in the world,” * CAR has gone from bad to worse … Continue reading

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Conch wars

In 1996 the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve off the south eastern coast of Mexico was declared to protect coral reefs and marine biodiversity, while also enabling fishing cooperatives to maintain their livelihoods based upon the sustainable extraction of lobster, conch, … Continue reading

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Bio-security and the wildlife trade (2)

With the wildlife trade being one of the possible sources of the current Ebola pandemic (please see previous ‘post’) it is worth noting that there is currently no international body comprehensively regulating the health risks of the international wildlife trade. … Continue reading

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‘Rhino Wars’ talk

MARJAN-MARSH AWARD: 2014  Recipient:            Julian Rademeyer Subject:               South Africa’s ‘rhino wars’ It is no overstatement to say that the publication in 2012 of the book ‘Killing for Profit: Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade’ … Continue reading

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Chimps and ‘territoriality’

Chimpanzee behaviour has long been studied for clues about their human relatives, with conflict one of the most intriguing but unresolved areas. All the documentary evidence indicates that war and its associated violence has been normal throughout history; therefore, in … Continue reading

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