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‘Green’ defence strategies (2)

The symbolic impact of a government’s defence budget outweighs its actual demand on the national finances as a sign of strategic intent based on the logic of force: this applies whether the state is large or small, formal or informal … Continue reading

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‘Green’ defence policy: reflections (1)

What would a ‘green’ defence policy look like? Indeed is such a programme realistic at all; or is it just a rebooting of existing and old concepts with a modern twist? As someone said: ‘green’ defence is just Trident with … Continue reading

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The Green Posts

  LISA DUPUY  continues the dialogue that drew on her essay about nuclear weapons and ecology On some things that I am “wild” about. AS I HAVE SLAVED away to the ungiving deadline of August 27 (yes, I could have … Continue reading

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Drugs eco-killing

Scattered throughout California’s public forests, authorities found 315,000 feet of plastic hose, 19,000 pounds of fertilizer and 180,000 pounds of trash on more than 300 illegal marijuana plantations in 2012 alone. The tally comes from a new video by the … Continue reading

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Fighting climate change (1)

Since the mid-2000’s, a wide range of reports and research articles have discussed the emergence of climate change as a security issue, including in 2010 the UK Ministry of Defence Green Paper and the US Department of Defense Quadrennia lDefense Review (QDR). … Continue reading

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Green Criminology and Timber and Wildlife Trafficking

The second instalment of the ESRC Green Criminology Research Seminar Series took place last week in Cardiff, discussing the dual issues of illegal timber trafficking, discussed by Professor Tim Boekhout Van Solinge of Utrecht University and focused primarily on the … Continue reading

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Thoughtful campaigning

Martin Stott writes: I don’t think it is reasonable to describe environmental campaigners as ‘passive aggressive’ (see post ‘ Deadly Price of Green Activism’). There is a long tradition of non-violent direct action based on Gandhian principles. However there is … Continue reading

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Searching for Sombath

Where is Laotian environmental activist, Sombath Somphone? The short answer is that nobody is telling; the longer answer lies in the phrase ‘environmental confrontations’ which gathers in the wide range of conflict that has some element of the environment at … Continue reading

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Deadly price of ‘green’ activisim

For environmental activists conflict is their very life-blood, though with it goes with the assumption that their work rarely goes further than passive-aggressive: how times change. Now it is the blood of the activists themselves that is being spilled. Global … Continue reading

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Generals against ‘the bomb’

The protection of animals, both wild and domestic, was taken very seriously by the Nazis: in 1933 the Reichstag passed The Law of Animal Protection which banned vivisection and animal trapping, restricted hunting and even regulated the boiling of lobsters … Continue reading

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