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Fishing in dangerous waters

The tendency to treat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing) as a minor regulatory violation often obscures the true nature of the dynamics at play. Most notably, a broad failure to note is that the systematic nature of IUU … Continue reading

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Financing Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century

This blog considers a major problem facing wildlife conservation, how it might be solved, and how the Marjan Centre is contributing to that solution. The problem is the massive economic asymmetry in wildlife conservation: underfunded conservation organisations paying for expensive, … Continue reading

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DRC: ‘green’ development

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is endowed with an abundance of natural resources, and the presence of high-value resources such as coltan and diamonds is well known. The country is also endowed with a wealth of biodiversity, although the … Continue reading

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Rethinking forest managememt

In the light of ongoing conservation efforts in natural resource hot-spots in sub-Saharan Africa, community forest management is often advanced as a remedy for failing top-down approaches to nature conservation. Contingent on the property rights theory, it assumes that local … Continue reading

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New Philosophy for Conservation (2)

Most African governments lack the political will to preserve their natural functioning eco-systems. Even if they had the will, they lack the money, the capacity and the technology to protect their heritage. Yes, involving local tribesman is important. Yes, every … Continue reading

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Thoughtful campaigning

Martin Stott writes: I don’t think it is reasonable to describe environmental campaigners as ‘passive aggressive’ (see post ‘ Deadly Price of Green Activism’). There is a long tradition of non-violent direct action based on Gandhian principles. However there is … Continue reading

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Searching for Sombath

Where is Laotian environmental activist, Sombath Somphone? The short answer is that nobody is telling; the longer answer lies in the phrase ‘environmental confrontations’ which gathers in the wide range of conflict that has some element of the environment at … Continue reading

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Deadly price of ‘green’ activisim

For environmental activists conflict is their very life-blood, though with it goes with the assumption that their work rarely goes further than passive-aggressive: how times change. Now it is the blood of the activists themselves that is being spilled. Global … Continue reading

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Bukavu Boogie

From John Kahekwa, Director of the PolePole Foundation in Bukavu, eastern DR Congo, and a research partner of The Marjan Centre. How we celebrated on New Year’s Day ! And the reason? When the M23 militia was advancing from Goma … Continue reading

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The Marjan Centre

War has traditionally been conceived, and studied, as a uniquely human phenomenon since humans are seen as the agents of war: the principal cause of war, its main protagonists, practitioners, and victims. The Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict … Continue reading

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