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The sword at your side

The blowing apart of the Belgian Shepherd dog, ‘Diesel’, in the Paris siege last month prompted a Twitter-storm of sorrow and remembrance under the hash-tag ‘JeSuisChien’; it also shone a spotlight on the role of the ‘sniffer-dog’ in both modern … Continue reading

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Terrorism and wildlife

Coming from one direction is the ‘Western Way of War’ and in the other an ‘arms race’: at the centre of both directions is the protection (and poaching) of wildlife. 2013 has seen a steady escalation in ‘hard power’ efforts … Continue reading

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Geographers map out new conflict (final)

As elusiveness and randomness increasingly define war and conflict, so the identity of ‘man-hunting’ becomes ever more conspicuous; whether ‘special forces’ raids, targeted assassinations, or drone ‘strikes’ and sniper-terror, these are the tactics of counter-insurgency-terrorism, while the insurgent-terrorists adopt IED’s … Continue reading

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Sniff of suspicion:1

‘In the endless warfare of contemporary political order in which the complicated cultural practices surrounding drugs, the social dynamics surrounding crime and the political tactics surrounding terrorism are reduced to an amorphous and ubiquitous ‘enemy’ of good order, police discretion … Continue reading

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