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The Green Posts

  LISA DUPUY  continues the dialogue that drew on her essay about nuclear weapons and ecology On some things that I am “wild” about. AS I HAVE SLAVED away to the ungiving deadline of August 27 (yes, I could have … Continue reading

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Ecology’s ‘nuclear winter’

With accumulating bitterness and a sense of isolation on both sides in the Gaza conflict, combined with changing regional political tectonic plates as well as world opinion, the option of a nuclear strike will by osmosis have crept up the … Continue reading

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Ecology and the A-Bomb: Israel

The ‘rubbleisation’ of parts of Gaza brings into focus that great ‘known unknown’ of the Middle East: Israel’s nuclear weapons programme. In fact, putting aside issues such as radiation and the ‘nuclear winter’, the result of Israel’s bombing made a … Continue reading

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Innovation to Overcome Human-Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict remains a significant problem in many parts of the world. Whether it be elephants trampling crops or lions and leopards killing livestock, many people are affected and it can be difficult to stop the problem.  This in turn harms … Continue reading

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‘Fortress mentality’

This article explores the political, economic and ecological context within which environmental insecurity emerges and feeds back into a ‘fortress mentality’. Shortages of food, water and energy sources are the trigger for nefarious activities involving organized criminal networks, transnational corporations … Continue reading

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