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Fighting Nature in ‘Nam (2)

For a moment imagine that you are an American general infantryman – or GI – in the Vietnam War preparing for a combat mission. In addition to your standard M16 rifle (weighing about 7lbs/3kilos even unloaded) you would be putting … Continue reading

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Fighting Nature in ‘Nam (1)

Very shortly it will be the fiftieth anniversary of the battle of Ia Drang between the United States army and the People’s Army of Vietnam (the North Vietnamese Army) in a war in which arguably the climate, terrain and environment … Continue reading

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Katrina’s hard lessons

Anyone tuning into the United States National Weather Service on August 28, 2005, for an update on the Gulf Coast would have heard weatherman, Robert Ricks, provide an extraordinary forecast which he ended by emphatically stating: ‘Do Not Venture Outside’. … Continue reading

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Scofflaws (2): eco-defence

Forty years ago a new phrase was dropped onto an unsuspecting world: for ‘monkey wrenching’ we have to thank a highly charged American with a Masters in anarchy studies and a mission to save the natural world. To ‘monkey wrench’ … Continue reading

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‘Scofflaws’ (1)

While there is a lot an 85 year old nun and a 67 year old Nevada rancher certainly do not share, however there are two things they do have in common. Firstly there is their strong belief in Christianity (but … Continue reading

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Bandits and ‘Mojave Max’

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm made a classic distinction between ‘bandits’ and ‘social bandits’: while the former ‘simultaneously challenges the economic, social and political order by challenging those who hold or lay claim to power, law and the control of resources’, … Continue reading

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Dyer warnings of climate change

One of the niches carved out by journalist-academic, Gwynne Dyer, is to crystal-ball gaze into the future security implications of climate change. Even if Dyer’s approach is considered a touch too populist for those firmly attuned to analytical rigour nevertheless … Continue reading

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Drugs eco-killing

Scattered throughout California’s public forests, authorities found 315,000 feet of plastic hose, 19,000 pounds of fertilizer and 180,000 pounds of trash on more than 300 illegal marijuana plantations in 2012 alone. The tally comes from a new video by the … Continue reading

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Terrorism and wildlife

Coming from one direction is the ‘Western Way of War’ and in the other an ‘arms race’: at the centre of both directions is the protection (and poaching) of wildlife. 2013 has seen a steady escalation in ‘hard power’ efforts … Continue reading

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Militarisation of nature

The first ‘new voice’ is Professor Derek Gregory; this highly distinguished geographer is re-writing our understanding of war and conflict by overlapping his knowledge of how the physical contours of the Earth meld with politics and the imagination. In a … Continue reading

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