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Fishing in dangerous waters

The tendency to treat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing) as a minor regulatory violation often obscures the true nature of the dynamics at play. Most notably, a broad failure to note is that the systematic nature of IUU … Continue reading

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Projecting ‘green force’

  Peter Denton, Adjunct Associate Professor of History at the Royal Military College of Canada, has recently been exploring the idea of ‘Green Force’, an argument that calls for the military to fully engage with creating a global sustainable future. … Continue reading

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True price of Mexico’s maize

Since the beginning of the 20th century drug trafficking has been a part of the Mexican economy. Mexico has become the largest marijuana producer and the third opium supplier for the international market. US-led interventions in South American drug producing … Continue reading

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‘Green’ defence policy: reflections (1)

What would a ‘green’ defence policy look like? Indeed is such a programme realistic at all; or is it just a rebooting of existing and old concepts with a modern twist? As someone said: ‘green’ defence is just Trident with … Continue reading

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Bombs to the rescue

The island of Wangerooge lies around 7km off the coast of North-West Germany. Thanks to its famed tranquillity, it is a favourite holiday destination among young families and elderly and is one of those seemingly remote places that appear to … Continue reading

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War and the environment

Environmental degradation resulting from warfare is a growing concern, particularly with increasing recognition of humanity’s dependence on healthy ecosystems. Though environmental legislation does exist that seeks to prevent or mitigate environmental harm before, during and after conflict, it has limited … Continue reading

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